my story

I moved to New York City from Mississippi with $50 and a bench on 5th and 59th as my home about 2 years ago to follow my dreams of modeling, and since then I have climbed to heights beyond anything even my own imagination could have dwelled upon. I sold everything I owned along the way, leaving me with nothing more of value than my writing. 

During this entire transition of my life, I was privileged enough to gain influence from an equally extreme balance between pop culture and counter culture, giving me a renowned perspective of life, objectively and subjectively. I was working hands on exclusively with the top 10% of the fashion industry and the elitists of fashion, music, and media in its entirety, but recently decided to focus on my independent development with full momentum.

I am currently working on my personal projects which expand upon a variety of platforms ranging from performance art to virtual reality. This entire concept is working collaboratively with my modeling and writing, providing me with an immensely unique approach to all aspects of my career including casting, set design, and modeling within the industry on an exclusive scale.