To define aestheticism is parallel to confining perspective; to limit direction of a story to simply an image is repressive to the evolution of the experience and progression of art and fashion, as well as understanding a subjective reality. True art is sourced from infinite levels of expression and conceptualized with a level of adaptability depending on the emotional, mental, and physical impact desired to evoke. Within the Digital Age, the key to a revolution is to execute strategies that awaken relatable sensory experiences within all four different types of learners (spatial, auditory, linguistic, kinesthetic).

Approaching social media with practicality, marketability, honesty, and consistency as an experimental artist emphasizing actual transformation in the industry creates vast amount of miscommunication between "The Fantasy" and "The Reality" masks, inflicting a definitive perception of active questioning. Discovery is stunted by the exclusivity and objectivity of what is TRULY happening within the industry, yet remains an idealist's epitome of a platform for a inconceivable freedom. The conflict of unspoken social obligations teaches complex characters to consistently progress a superficial representation of identity in entirety, polarizing the Process of art and Art in essence. 

Dreamworld ESP

It is said to be possible for the brain to create scents in your dreams. It is also said to that you do not usually smell coffee and wake up, rather you wake up and smell the coffee. What I am curious about is, say that matter (including time and space) is an illusion. Dreaming, on the other hand, is a gateway to the realm of the higher intellectual self that is not tricked into living a life under false perception. Suppose every time you dream, all of your senses are exactly the same, aside from pain because pain is the biggest illusion there is. In your dreams, if you become hyper aware to your senses, and smell is the trigger of memory and emotions, is it possible for a smell to trigger your memory of a path you took in your dream, leading you in reality to take that same path based off a scent recognition, eventually leading to some sort of synchronicity (reference Jung) in time and space, or dejavu. Our dream world is a gateway to our infinite amount of selves, of paths we could take, will take, and have taken, containing the past, present, and future of all our selves. Say I were to “wake up” all of my senses in my dreams, to become hypersensitive and to even access my sixth sense, developing ESP in dreamworld, would I be able to have better control of illusory physicality?